Monthly Recap — April 2022

3 min readMay 10, 2022

April was a very busy month for Starbank. We had several partnerships that were announced, we posted educational articles, we held a couple AMAs, and we released our OG program. We’re pleased with our accomplishments over the last month and motivated to continue!


We had a bunch of partnerships that we announced in April / early May. To start off with, we partnered with Alnair Finance. They are a yield optimizer platform, click here to read the article we posted on them! After that, we announced our partnership with YFL. YFL is Yield Farming Labs and they are a Discord server that is mainly focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain education. At the time we partnered, they had over 12,000 members! Click here to read our article. Next, we partnered with Sirius Finance. They are an automated market maker. Here is our article on this partnership. That was our most recent partnership. But don’t worry, we have more planned!

Educational Articles

We also posted several articles that cover some knowledge that we would like everyone to know. So far we have covered each type of pool that Starbank Finance offers. That is not all, this is something that we plan to expand in the future until Starbank has a large amount of educational material for everyone to read. This will help educate not only people that are new to crypto, but also veterans that would like to brush up on things such as “what is a liquidity bootstrapping pool?”. Below are links to each of the articles.


Other than partnerships, we also held two AMAs so we could directly communicate with everyone and answer their questions. Both AMAs had a great turnout and we typed up a summary for each AMA. The first AMA was held on 4/27/2022, and featured Drumfeet and Kaz, two of Starbanks core team members. You can find the summary of this AMA here. The next AMA was held on 5/4/2022. Again, this AMA featured Drumfeet and Kaz. They worked together to answer everyones questions during the AMA. You can find the summary here.

OG Program

“Wen OG?”, the answer is now! We released an article on May 9th that outlines how our OG system works. Click here to read it, but here is a short summary. We have been fine tuning our OG program for some time, but we finally released it. Here is how it works: those who contribute to the ecosystem via community engagement, content writing, graphic design, etc, will be rewarded points. The total points available in a week are 35. Anyone who contributes will be given OG, but there are higher ranks for those who contribute more. Here are the ranks available:

Between Star VIP and Star Degen, there are plenty of spots for people that want to contribute more than the average OG. You can start earning points now so keep that in mind when contributing!