Starbank Finance — AMA Summary 4/27/2022

3 min readApr 29, 2022

Ethan (drumfeet) hosted the first ever AMA on Starbank Discord.
Together with Kaz, the founder of Starbank, they responded to some of the community’s questions.

Will you first list $SBX on the Starbank website?

We are talking and coordinating with GaiaStarter. Also, we will possibly prepare a tokensale contract on our end to help prioritize our contributors as well, not just GaiaStarter IDO token holders.

What is your point of view when choosing a partner?

Most of the partners that we have accepted right now are ones that we have close relationships with. Kaz also has a lot of connections from other projects and we mostly partner with other projects whom we trust and whos projects we know already.

Why did you choose GaiaStarter?

Kaz is connected with them and he is also helping their project. They are trusted and can launch out token. It is not final, we can launch on GiaStarter or on our own website.

Will you issue $SBX on AstarLab?

I am not familiar with them. If we have connections, then we will reach out to them.

When will you announce more partners from within the Astar Network?

We are still communicating with projects, such as Sirius, but we will soon be making announcements with other partners.

As an OG, do we get whitelisted to buy in public sale?


According to the roadmap, liquidity bootstrapping pools are launching later this year. Are they difficult to deploy?

Actually, it’s easy. They are already deployed in terms of contract, but we want to prepare a cool frontend.

The teams cat icons are attractive. Will a cat NFT be issued?

I want to release it somehow. But for now, its just an idea. No promises at the moment.

Astar hasn’t been gaining energy lately, but aren’t you worried?

The market always fluctuates and we cant control that. We believe in the Astar Network team and we still plan to continue developing in the Astar Network.

With the development and competition of the current generation of AMMs, what advantages do you have to compete and develop?

We are the only AMM or DEX on the Astar Network that supports multi-asset pools. Also, we have meta stable pools.

What do you think is the most important thing in Web3 in the future?

For me it is the ease of use of Web3 apps. Use case is also very important

Once the token reaches maximum total supply, what plans do you guys have to increase to tokens value?

If we provide more utility to the token, or use cases, it will increase the value of our token. We must provide more use cases and utility in the future. We already have some partnerships, and I am contributing to other protocols so I think we can collaborate with them to make more utility.

There are a lot of NFT-fis on the Astar Network. Do you use any NFTS?

I would love to use the cats NFT as NFT-fi, but we have no specific plans yet

Will you collaborate with Starlay like Balance and AAVE do?

Meta stable pools interest-bearing-token like IUSDC is a good collaboration

Do you have VC funding?

No. It was considered, but we don’t need a huge fund. Some recommended us to not get VC funding because it will crease selling pressure for our supports.