Starbank — OG Program


  • Community Engagement (Events, Discord, Telegram, Twitter Like & RT, etc) — 7 points
  • Content Writing (Blog, Medium, Twitter Post, etc) — 8 points
  • Graphic Design (Meme, Sticker / Emoji, Web Design, etc) — 7 points
  • Translation — 3 points
  • Video Content — 10 points


  • Airdrops will be distributed irregularly to each participant depending on their contribution
  • Exclusive discord channel
  • Whitelist
  • Early access to SBX token
  • Giveaways
  • NFT

Discord Role Names


  • Submit contribution form on a weekly basis through the Airtable link.
  • A member can be demoted if they had 3 consecutive weeks of inactivity.
  • Your OG status will level-up overtime depending on the points you earned.
  • Points are given on a weekly basis.
  • Points will also be given for activities not listed above.
  • Core team reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of points awarded based on the contribution.

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