Starbank: Partnership with @GaiaStarter

@GaiaStarter to become valuable partner of Starbank

We are excited to announce a new partnership with @GaiaStarter
We look forward to working with @GaiaStarter and their users.
We believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial to us both and especially to the growth of @AstarNetwork

About Starbank
The Starbank protocol, based on Balancer V2, adds further incentives for Astar Network participants by introducing revenue sharing through the next generation AMM protocol. The protocol has some kind of pool.

Weighted Pools enable users to invest cryptocurrency like Index Funds. It manages your portfolio like Index Funds instead of portfolio managers. Users will be able to create pools which can contain up to 8 different tokens.

Stable Pools allow trading of Stable Token and other pegged assets. This pool allows for larger trades of these assets before encountering a significant impact on the price.

Liquidity providers will be rewarded with our native token $SBX. Receive rewards on swap protocol fees and get more $SBX rewards by staking in boosted pools. Staked tokens enable users to take part in governance.

Starbank aims to be an all-in-one decentralized investment platform. Our vision is to bring liquidity from other chains and provide stability to Astar network, and it will provide more financial opportunity to all. It’s not only for users, other protocols as well. Your DeFi home is here.




-- is next generation AMM/DEX. Join our community

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Starbank is next generation AMM/DEX. Join our community

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