Starbank — Community Events

2 min readMay 17, 2022



To the community, for the community! We are launching “Community Vibe”, a virtual weekly event for the StarBank communities on the Discord server and Telegram channel. These activities will be scheduled at different times each week.

What is StarVibes?

Vibe is composed of different events to activate community engagement in a fun, entertaining, and rewarding way. We aim to know our communities better and make it a rewarding experience based on their participation and see impact on strengthening the connection towards each other.

Event Categories

Each week, we will be hosting one activity that is randomly selected from the categories below. We will add more events in the future based on community requests and suggestions.

Quiz Night

This activity is made up with a variety of engaging quizzes to exercise the mind and help educate the newcomers into the crypto space through educational games and activities.

Happy Hour “Karaoke Night

We look forward to building a stronger bond with our communities through virtual entertainment. And who doesn’t love music and chill? We got it all for you with a twist!

We will also be hosting a sing-a-long Karaoke, a singing contest, and music entertainment for the community. A formal event and its details will be announced timely on each occasion.


Our main goal is to get to know each community member better through collaborating on these activities and provide a fun learning experience. We also look forward to rewarding successful participants on every event with $SBX token, NFT, Whitelist spot, or an OG role in the near future.