Starbank — AMA with KoinSaati

📢 AMA Announcement! 📢

The month of June is fast approaching, and we are very excited to have the first set of text AMA with KoinSaati and with their growing community in Turkey!

Based on their website, KoinSaati is the most active community for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Turkey. We will be happily answering anything from the KoinSaati family and we would like you to join us! 🚀

Venue 👉 🗓

Date: 2nd of June 2022 , at 5 PM UTC

💰 $150 total rewards

Check out KoinSaati links 👉 Twitter | Telegram | Website

Follow us on our channels below and be updated for more upcoming events.

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Starbank is next generation AMM/DEX. Join our community

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