Monthly Recap — May 2022

2 min readJun 1, 2022


May was an incredibly busy month for Starbank Finance. All the work we are doing behind the scenes is starting to come to fruition! These monthly recaps are a great way for our supports to find an outline of all of the challenges we are overcoming and all of the achievements and milestones that we are passing.

During the month of May, we passed almost 50,000 followers on Twitter! The trend also shows that our supporters are willing to weather the crypto dip and will stick by us through launch. We thank each and every one of you that help support us by following us on Twitter, liking our posts, and sharing them consistently. You guys are helping and every supporter matters!

In May, we also partnered with Yield Farming Lab. They are a community that mainly focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain education. This is perfect for educating everyone on what Starbank does and how it works.

Starbank is constantly attending AMAs to answer everyone’s questions. During the month of May, we held four different AMAs. Each one allowed members of the community to ask Kaz and Drumfeet questions. It also allowed us to interact directly with each community that we got involved in. We are also planning to have AMAs in the future, of course, so we are looking forward to those! Below is a list of the communities we did an AMA with:

Community Events
The events that took place in May are listed below. Congratulations to all the winners!

Starbank Academy Articles
Lastly, Starbank has been frequently posting articles to what we are calling “Starbank Academy”. These are articles that will be posted to our website that will help educate everyone that uses our platform.