Introducing — Starbank Investment platform

Starbank, based on Balancer V2, will be the All-in-One decentralized investment platform on Astar Network.


✅A DEX that enables fast and efficient trading at the best prices with low slippage and fees.
✅Weighted Pools manage your portfolio like Index Funds that provide you a source of income. It enables users to create pools which can contain up to 8 different tokens.
✅Stable Pools allow trading of Stable Token and other pegged assets. This pool allows for larger trades of these assets before encountering a significant impact on the price.
✅Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools will be able to help other protocol launches.
✅Liquidity providers will be rewarded with our native token $SBX.
✅Receive rewards on swap protocol fees and get more $SBX rewards by staking in boosted pools.
✅Staked tokens enable users to take part in governance.



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